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Acryfin Dock Coatings

If you own waterfront property and enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean, you are likely interested in protecting the patio, deck, or dock that connects you to the beautiful sea. In Charleston, it isn’t always possible to protect your outdoor property from the effects of long periods of bright sunlight, and sea air and water that can cause chipping. Contact our Charleston, South Carolina office near you today!

See Why Customers in Charleston Choose Acryfin Dock Coatings

  • The most environmentally friendly coating option in the industry.A professional installation to facilitate and guide you through the process.
  • Choose from an unlimited color selection to satisfy your decor preferences.
  • Minimize maintenance costs and headaches.
  • Protect your property and investment.
  • It is safe, durable, and non-slip.
  • Backed by our company’s 10-year warranty.
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